Love It or Hate It?

With today being Licorice Day, the love it or hate it debate continues — Do you like the taste of licorice?

When I was a kid, I hated the black jelly beans that came in my Easter basket; but, as an adult, I have grown to like the flavor of licorice. This special day was created by Licorice International in 2004, to promote it’s line of licorice candies. Continue reading

Rolling in the GRITS

Get ready folks, it’s time to get our GRITS on.

Everyone reared in the South, knows about the breakfast pantry staple — grits. But have you ever tried rolling around in your breakfast cereal. No; well, now you can. St. George, SC, is about to hold their 33rd Annual World Grits Festival and crowds will come.

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Quick Baby News!

I think the animals at Riverbanks Zoo & Garden in Columbia, SC, know it’s spring in the Carolina’s, too. Zoo officials spread the great news today, that Ginger the Giraffe, one of the three adult females that live in the African plains enclosure, gave birth two days ago to a sweet little girl. She’s already taller than me by two  inches.

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Hello Spring!


Hello, crafty friends and DIY doers.

It’s here, y’all! Spring (officially)
In Harleyville, South Carolina,  we’ve had up and down weather cycles to arrive at the first calendar day of Spring. Many flowers and flowering trees bloomed about two and three weeks prior to the Vernal equinox , when our weather was wonderful and almost summer-like. On Tuesday, March 20, we were just getting through a band of storms that later caused a 4th severe nor’easter for our friends in the north. While we had the break in the rain, at least till afternoon, I thought I would pull some weeds. Continue reading

Words from a Crafter — Bubble Wrap Project

bubblewrap project

Bubble Wrap Project from Reggio Children Inspired @

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Hello, fellow crafters. I want to share with you some websites that I have found helpful and full of information. Not to mention, well laid-out and easy to follow. Like many people these days, I enjoy exploring the web. I’m 49-ish (actually, looking forward to 50) and have seen my share of changes in the world. Not as much as my grandmothers experienced in their lives up until this age, but, there have been changes. They saw horse & buggy turn into ‘how fast does that thing go.’ I know the first computer I worked on was as big as a desk. You don’t see that much anymore. Continue reading

Words from a Crafter — Welcome To TCC

test cats

Hello fellow crafters, hobbyists and DIY geeks, I hope 2016 is the year your creative ideas blossom and bring you great joy. My name is Gwen Warner and this is my first web site. Through this medium, I hope to share super fun ideas for “everyday” crafters and skilled artisans, alike. Together, we can connect with others who share our love of making something with our own hands.

You may be like me and jump from category to category and project to project, or you’re like my mom, who enjoys one hobby (and she knits so well). I hope you will find this site to be a place to learn new techniques, generate new ideas, make new friends and share your opinions. I may start out slow in my blogging, but I hope to pick up the pace in the coming weeks. Please give me your feedback on crafts you’re interested in. I would be happy to include those ideas.

A little bit about me — I was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina and have lived in Eastern Orangeburg County and Upper Dorchester County all my life. I have four “really good kids,” three daughters and a son (son born first — #GreatBigBrother), and a “beautiful” daughter-in-law that I am so very proud of. As a mother, I couldn’t ask for more.

I have loved the Clemson Tigers since 9th grade; even converted my dad by the end of the school year. That tiger paw and orange and purple just drives me crazy. I love our rival the Gamecocks, too. But, as great as it is, the University of South Carolina has to be second. Sorry, my brothers and sisters. Makes for great family rivalries, though.

In my professional life, I devoted my time and energy to the publishing and printing industry; with the Holly Hill Observer newspaper being my beloved. I had the greatest publisher; he has a warm heart and a great since of humor. I have worked in almost every capacity of a weekly newspaper and several positions at a daily. I wouldn’t change those experiences for anything. I loved my job. As a journalist, I loved human interest stories the most. It allowed me to meet some of the most interesting people from all walks of life.

In 1994, I opened The Craft Factory. It was a retail craft store that also featured artists and crafters from across the state. Though I no longer own the business, I have never stopped my love of making things for my family and friends and for my home.

With great encouragement from my best friend, Marie, I recently moved to Alvarado, Texas. I find the area to be so inviting and offering a feeling of home (with less trees and more stars). I hope to one day open my store again and showcase the many talented people in this community. And, maybe even from around the world; anything’s possible these days.

II am a Gemini (pick a side) and I love cross stitch, crafty repurposing and reading. If I tried to combine those hobbies, say, repurposing an old novel with a cross stitched book cover, my two selves might disagree over the design. I have three cats (that sounds like the beginning of a great website) who could not pass security across the Texas border. So, for now, they are shacking up with two dogs in Eutawville, SC. However, they are still plotting their route and I am supposed to meet them at the secret location when they call. I look forward to writing again and sharing ideas from across the web. I really do love crafts and people (not always in that order) and this is a super forum for taking that to a whole new level. Please sign up with your email for my blog, Words from a Crafter, and other site notices . I want to share with you the many great ideas the web has to offer.

With great kindness and respect — Gwen.

p.s., That is not me in the illustration above and those are not my three cats. Well, maybe the one on her shoulder. That could be Belly Bean.