A Day FILLED With Celebrations

* A little disclaimer – I know it is not June 1st, but I didn’t want to leave out this post.

When I heard on my morning news program that it was National Nail Polish Day (June 1), I knew that was the topic for my post today.


Then I went to National Day Calendar for my morning check and found that this is a day of all kinds of celebrations. (As if we ever really need a reason to celebrate life). Continue reading

A Wedding For The World


I’m Gonna Be Royal – At least for a DAY!


To my knowledge (limited as it seems sometimes), I don’t come from a long line of royals. But I am quite aware that the countdown is almost complete, the Royal Wedding is about to begin and it’s not too late to plan a little celebration to feel like a king or queen. Continue reading

Super Teachers Taught Me Everything, pt. 3

Day 3 — Climbing the Education Ladder to a Brighter Future


I hope you have been enjoying my teacher tribute, so far, and have found helpful information on the sites listed in the articles. Teaching is important and should be given more priority than it receives in our society. To teach, is to give so much of yourself for the betterment of everyone’s future. Now, on with the story. Continue reading

Three Cats Crafts

The Cat's Meow of Stories & Ideas