This pictorial brought to you by “National Relaxation Day,” August 15.


Chilling Out on Blazepress

Kicked Back on Zimbio

chillin 10

The Lord said, “Rest;” the sloth said, “already working on it.”





chillin 07

Even Hummingbirds need to stop flying every so often.

   Try chilling in the POOL or on the BEACH

Get the picture! It’s a whole day dedicated to recouping some of the time we spend on  stressing over our normal lives. Even for those who still have to work today (me included — the Harleyville Town Council story won’t write itself), there is still opportunity to celebrate physical and mental recovery. So, find your sweet-spot and get busy relaxing. Here’s to you rediscovering how much you like “relaxation.” Until next post, I’ll be chillaxin’ every moment I can — you should too.

Feature Photo: (image credit: Sergei Plytkevitch)  on Dark Roasted Blend: Weird & wonderful things.

Words From A Crafter: What A Month It’s Been!

“Oh, my God,” these past four weeks have gone so fast, they seem like a beautiful blur.


“Oh, my God,” is something I say all the time. I don’t say it with any disrespect; it comes out because of my astonishment. I said it watching America’s Got Talent last night, as one amazing performer after another went back to back showcasing their special skills.  Everyone was so talented. Continue reading

Honor Thy Father

(Tiny Disclaimer: I wrote this story yesterday morning, when it was Father’s Day. I just got lost in looking through photo albums, that I didn’t get the pictures scanned until today. It was fun reminiscing again as I scanned them into my computer on my birthday, today.)

Today, we celebrate all the fathers of the world. My father is no longer alive, but he certainly lives on in my heart and I will always honor him.

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It Got a Little Crafty in St. George

Visitors to the 33rd Annual World Grits Festival had a lot to choose from in the crafts department.

Vendors came from the area, including St. George, Harleyville and Holly Hill; and, as far away as Myrtle Beach, Greenville/Spartanburg and Irmo to sell their specialty handmade crafts and confectionery creations. I hope everyone had as great a time as I did.

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Honors in Art

The ‘Best of Show” winner in this year’s 33rd Annual World Grits Festival clothesline art competition depicts St. George as it should be — the historic Klauber Building, the historic Lourie Theater and an old fashioned grits mill, together on Parler Avenue.

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Three Cats Crafts

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