Words From A Crafter: What A Month It’s Been!

“Oh, my God,” these past four weeks have gone so fast, they seem like a beautiful blur.


“Oh, my God,” is something I say all the time. I don’t say it with any disrespect; it comes out because of my astonishment. I said it watching America’s Got Talent last night, as one amazing performer after another went back to back showcasing their special skills.  Everyone was so talented.

Some may think it is simply an expression, and it can be and often is; but for me, it is not AN expression, but my expression. I am amazed all the time with the wonders I am offered to witness and experience in this world and I wouldn’t want it any other way. “Oh, my God,” is what comes out every time.

cropped-three-cats-crafts-42“Words from a Crafter” is a special place on my site to invite you in and share a piece of my world with you. As I learn more each month about how to design this website and what I want it to offer my readers, I surprise myself at how easy it is to write, but harder to design. There is always something to write about each and every day. Something to celebrate. Something to remember. Something that you’ve never experienced before. Deciding what to write about is usually the toughest part. On some days, by the time I make up my mind, half of the day is over and I still haven’t written anything.

It may never be the most important thing you will read in your day, but I hope the stories I bring are something worth remembering or, at least, flagging for another day. I try to bring a little happiness in the words I choose; and maybe, inspire you to create something extraordinary from your special talents.

I have been surprisingly busy since I wrote for Father’s Day. It’s not what I was expecting and it’s hard to believe four weeks have passed so quickly. Since that tribute to my dad, there seems to have been one celebration after another. I did miss “Hug Your Cat Day” on June 4, which seems in bad taste for my site name; but you can’t catch ’em all.


Henry Hall & His Orchestra — The Teddy Bear Picnic

I celebrated my 52nd Birthday on June 18, but I didn’t have a picnic on “World Picnic Day.” It couldn’t have been any better. I actually got to rest and enjoy my day filled with nothingness. I do find that I seem to be happier with each year I get older.  This may change, but I really hope not. I took a really good look in the bathroom mirror, while brushing my teeth that morning and found I was pretty happy and comfortable with the past year’s progress. We are all works in progress.

Onion RingsGarfield’s birthday was the day after mine. “Ice Cream Soda Day” was the 20th,  “World Blood Donor Day” was the 21st, and June 22 was “Onion Ring Day.” The best onion rings I’ve ever eaten were from the Piggy Park Drive-In in Orangeburg, when I was a teenager. My stepmom Janice was friends with the owners and had the secret batter recipe. She gave it to me, but it was lost in a house fire I experienced in Vance. The recipe on Serious Eats is the closest I’ve come to finding a suitable replacement. There wasn’t vodka in the prized recipe I lost, but a pinch of sugar was. Don’t use too much sugar, though, Vidalia onions are already a little sweet themselves. You only need a tiny sprinkle and I would use the liquor because it helps with the crispness.

June also saw the celebrations of “Public Service Day” on the 23rd,  “Fairy Day” on the 24th, and “Goat Cheese” and “Catfish” days on the 25th. The month ended on a food note honoring chocolate pudding, pineapple and Bomb Pops. I feel June was basically a Southern Month because Dairy, Iced Tea, Soul Food, Country Cooking, Candy and the Great Outdoors were celebrated all month long. This is how we roll in the country.

The first week of July paid tribute to “Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day,” “World UFO Day,” “International Plastic Bag Free Day,” and, of course, America’s Independence Day, July 4. For a day we honor by eating barbecue spareribs, it is also an “Independence from Meat Day.” This could be a good time to eat a Caesar Salad or Jack Fruit, since they share the same date as our freedom from tyranny. The week finished out with Bikini, International Kissing, and Global Forgiveness and Tell the Truth days. Those last two were on the same day; I think they kinda go together anyway.

Chocolate with Almonds, Sugar Cookies, Pina Coladas, Blue Berry Muffins, Pecan Pies, French Fries, Mac & Cheese and Gummi Worms, all, got celebrations during the second week of the month. I got to attend the “Arctic Blast” that was Vacation Bible School at the Harleyville First United Methodist Church July 8-10. The message was, “Jesus’ Love Is Cool.”

Guinea Pigs and Snakes shared Monday honors, with Taylor Swift announcing Snake Day was her favorite day. Tuesday was the 63rd Anniversary of the opening of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and it makes me say, “Oh, my God;” what an incredible imagination Walt Disney had. I lived my childhood through the Wonderful World of Disney and I was a  believer of all things magical.

Peach Ice Cream shared the day with Uncle Walt and today is “Hot Dog Day.” My mom and I celebrated these two for supper. We ate simple hot dogs with fresh peaches and pecan praline ice cream for desert. “Oh, my God,” it was so simple, kept our kitchen cool and you can’t beat fresh local peaches and cream. Until next post…

Feature Photo: Mr. Minx is one of the entries for the 2019 Cat Welfare Association’s Calendar Contest. Voting is open until July 31, with donations helping rescue deserving cats.

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