High Spirits On “Caturday”

Basically, Caturday is a day to celebrate our beloved feline family members. And, with a name like ours, Three Cats Crafts, how could we not.


caturday 3According to Know Your Meme, Caturday is the tradition of posting LOLcats to 4chan on Saturdays. It has since spread throughout the internet to include other websites as well as other days of the week. An article on The Star.com states that LOLcats originated on the imageboard 4chan sometime in 2005, when an anonymous user submitted a picture of a relaxed cat waiting for “Caturday.”

Icanhascheezburger.com is one of the more prominent of the dozens of lolcat-dedicated sites that have emerged.

I love funny cat memes and cat videos. It’s probably the best way to waste an hour you can never get back; better than pulling weeds, anyway. To celebrate the catness in our family, I pulled an assortment of cat crafts from the internet to share with you. So, pick up your crafting tools and let the fun of Caturday begin.

Some of my favorite cat memes:
Some funny videos:
Great cat crafts to make today — Caturday



As Catfushus said, “May cats fall from the sky and rain down a thousand sandpaper kisses on you.” Until the next post…

Feature photo: me.me

Check out these ‘cool cat’ shirts:

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