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My niece, Tiffany, just joined the Dorcas Sewing Club of our church, First United Methodist Church of Harleyville, and is attending her first class today. The irony is…it’s National Sewing Machine Day, June 13.


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Tiffany has a great love of fashion design and is beginning her journey of learning to sew with the help of some of the best seamstresses in our area. What a great way for her to connect with this art before her college classes begin, than getting expert advice from a few ladies who have been sewing most of their lives.


Mrs. Westbury models one of the kitchen boas made by the Dorcas Sewing Club. The boas will be sold at the FUMC bazaar in November

The sewing machine certainly changed how clothes were produced and lower cost garments were one of the results of the invention. Women and housewives no longer had to create clothes for the family, they would just go out and purchase outfits. Today there are many different kinds of sewing machines, even ones that do specific jobs like embroidery.

My mom was a great seamstress. I remember her sewing most of my clothes when I was a kid. She worked at Ambler Industries (no longer exists) in Orangeburg, making little boys clothes for Sears. She made several mommy and me outfits for us and I remember loving that I matched “her grown-up” clothes. She made outfits for herself, my brother and me for ‘Old Fashioned Sunday’ at the Orangeburg Baptist Tabernacle when I was six.

She made a sea-captain costume for my brother’s role in a school play. She sewed a pageant dress for my cousin when she entered the Miss See Saw Daze Pageant in Harleyville and a Snow White dress for me for a Halloween party when I was 24. I don’t think there was anything my mom couldn’t sew. Some of my best memories of her sewing talents were my Baby Alive doll clothes and fashions for my Barbie. The only one that didn’t turn out good was a pair of blue jeans for my Barbie, made out of the cut-off hem of a pair of my dad’s blue jeans. They didn’t fit, but I remember watching her try so hard to get those pants on the doll, unsuccessfully.

My mom has tried to teach me how to sew on several occasions, but to no success. My lack of understanding and her patience level at the time were not a great mix. To this day, I still wish I could sew. There are so many things you can make; the sky’s the limit. Maybe one day, I will achieve this skill. Until then, here are a few items I wish I could make.

Sewing Projects — Simple to Complicated

Adult Sleep Masks at Craftsy. You can also get free sewing instructions and tips at Craftsy.

Feature photo: This is the exact sewing machine from my childhood. My mom still has it in a storage building in our yard. I found this image on Pinterest.

Looking for unique sewing ideas, check these out —



Crafting for Cat Ladies $9.98


Cattastic Crafts $11.55



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