Being a Wonder Woman

You don’t have to tell too many people who Wonder Woman is. Of course, she’s a fictional heroic character in vivid color on the pages of DC Comics. As a kid, I wished she was real.


Did you know that today is “Wonder Woman Day?”I found out this morning, when I was earning my Microsoft Rewards on Bing. I got 10 points for finding that out. My $5 Amazon gift card is on its way. It pleases me that she gets a day for celebrating. For many young girls my age growing up, me included, she left a large impression of who a strong woman could be in the world. (Our mothers are most likely the first we encountered; mine was). And, it didn’t hurt that Linda Carter was so lovely in the role on t.v. in the late 70’s. It was a show that my mom watched and my brother and I watched with her.

I wanted to be like her when I was little. The bracelets and super powers, and all. I knew I couldn’t have those powers, but it didn’t stop me from dreaming of how I could change the world and help those who couldn’t help themselves.

The only other character that could compete for my role-playing time was Isis from The Secrets of Isis, on Saturday mornings. I liked that both of these women, in their “everyday” personas, were educated and career orientated. Wonder Woman was originally an Army nurse who became an intelligence officer, then other careers; and Isis was a science teacher who loved archeology. I kinda thought I would be an archaeologist one day. Turns out I did get to be one, sort of, each time I looked for arrowheads in freshly plowed fields.


Check out the visually creative Wonder Woman artwork on Deviant Art. Also, DC will partner with outlets including Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Walmart, Costco and Amazon for exclusive in-store and digital promotions, while Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Warner Bros. Consumer Products will also push the event. Or, just visit your local library or comic book store.

Today being the wonderful day it is, is a great day to focus on the wonder woman inside everyday women. I was talking to a wonder woman in my life last night, Marie, and she helped me find my strength again by staying a strong friend to me. She listened with strength and responded with strength. I don’t think she always realizes how much she means to me.

We live a great distance apart and really only get to talk on the weekends. But, it seems to be enough to keep me going strong for the coming week. Recently, Marie expressed how she wasn’t feeling like she still held the strengths I always see in her. She wasn’t seeing clearly how much she does for me, her family and her job in the course of a week. She decided to write down the chores, tasks and everyday stuff that she did each day and found at the end of the week that she truly is a wonder woman, managing so many things. It is good when we can see that strength in ourselves.

Sometimes we can’t see all we do because we are so involved in the outcomes of our actions. We are so multi-tasking, trying to keep our homes running smoothly, making sure appointments are kept and all errands are expedited. Keep on keeping on, but don’t forget to take some time to be good to yourself and realize how wonderful you are. I think I am going to do that today. Plus, I’m feeling a little crafty. I think I’m gonna express my inner wonder woman by painting some rocks. Let’s see what else I can find on the world-wide crafting web, too.

ww rock 2I really like the head shot, but the double W’s are probably more my skill level. I think I’ll try the design by We Are Teachers. This nail design could also work as a painted rock. If my nails were longer, I would go for the nail art. But, alas, I keep them very short for typing.



This bookmark from Bibliophileprints is super cute and inexpensive.

ww frame

I like this photo frame. I would have to photo copy the comic book pages. I don’t think I could bear to cut up the comic. When you click the link, there are lots of other ideas.

Well, it’s time I start my Wonder Woman inspired garden rocks. I’ll post an update to what I actually come up with. Until then, leave a comment below and share the ways you connect with your inner Wonder Woman.


Feature photo: DC Comics. For a glimpse into the background of Diana Prince, check out this video.

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