A Day FILLED With Celebrations

* A little disclaimer – I know it is not June 1st, but I didn’t want to leave out this post.

When I heard on my morning news program that it was National Nail Polish Day (June 1), I knew that was the topic for my post today.


Then I went to National Day Calendar for my morning check and found that this is a day of all kinds of celebrations. (As if we ever really need a reason to celebrate life). Today we can also celebrate National Doghnut Day (heard that on the news, too), Leave the Office Early Day, Say Something Nice Day, Go Barefoot Day, Olive Day, Pen Pal Day, Hazelnut Cake Day and Heimlich Maneuver Day.


egyptian hazelnut cake

Egyptian Hazelnut Cake

That’s a mouthfull of unofficial holidays. But then I thought, “On our way out of the house today, grab a donut, then leave the office early to get your nails done. Since your hands and feet look so good, let’s go barefoot and make our own olive oil by stomping vigously. Afterwards, dine on a lovely slice of hazelnut cake. (Hopefully you don’t have to do the Heimlich maneuver because of the nuts) To finish our day, we can write something nice to or get a pen pal; and maybe have another slice of cake. Now, that’s a day full of celebrating.

If you need a bit of nail art inspiration, check out these great sites.

Which ever “National Day” you want to observe today (or all), hope your day is filled with happiness. And, because Krispy Kreme Doughnuts were born in the Carolinas, here’s a little something sweet…

Feature photo: Gabby’s Nail Art on Instagram





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