Blue Jean Baby

Only one week left before school is out here.

Olivia is excited and ready to start the summer rolling. Just the other day, she asked if she could cut off a pair of school jeans to make shorts out of them.

I said sure, because there is nothing better than cut-off blue jean shorts for all your summer activities. It left me wondering what I could do with the cut-off leg sections. Sure enough, the internet was full of ideas.

Exquisitely Unremarkable makes it simple to create a cup cozy. All you need is the bottom leg portion of a pair of jeans.

Exquisitely Unremarkable

Once you hit translate, the instructions are easy to follow on Ohoh Blog to make a functional and fashionable basket for your home.

Ohoh Blog

It doesn’t get any easier than this to make a coaster for your summer drinks. Kim at HomeTalk can show you how.


This coaster is a little more complex, but still great for a country look. Check out Simple Things Notebook for the instructions.

Woven Coaster 1-1

A Fish Who Likes Flowers shows you how to turn an old pair of jeans into this beautiful country door decor.

finished wreath pic 1 edited

Whether for a wedding or a housewarming gift, this country-chic wine bottle sleeve will make the perfect wrap. How-to’s are found at DIY Weddings Magazine.

jeans wine bottle cover

Felt Magnet has collected 53 denium craft ideas you should check out. I really liked the silhouette.

jeans silhouette

Pinterest and the internet are full of great ideas you can choose from. Don’t let the fabric go to waste. Get creative and see what you can come up with. If you just don’t have the time now to craft, Crafting A Green World offers ways to break down jeans for future uses. Happy crafting, y’all.

Don’t have any old jeans you want to cut up, just click the link below to purchase denim fabric by the yard.

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