A Wedding For The World


I’m Gonna Be Royal – At least for a DAY!


To my knowledge (limited as it seems sometimes), I don’t come from a long line of royals. But I am quite aware that the countdown is almost complete, the Royal Wedding is about to begin and it’s not too late to plan a little celebration to feel like a king or queen.

I won’t be having a huge gathering, hince I am broke. But, that doesn’t mean that I can’t have some wedding blisss of my own. I hope to get up early enough to view everything, up to the actual wedding, but it is Saturday; we’ll see.

I’ll start off the morning with my alarm set to play Royals by Lorde. The lyrics sum up the closest I’ll get to being royal, but hey, this was a theme song for me when it came out right before my birthday in 2013. I had a ‘Queen Bee’ chair in the yard.

Instead of my usual sugar and cream with a touch of strong coffee, I’ll have a cup of tea — English Breakfast, perhaps; although I like blackberry best. Weird is…I can drink tea without sugar or cream — so I should do it everyday. Oh, well.

I don’t intend to change my pajamas for the numptuals though; but, I will add a facinator to elevate my leisure appearance up the fashion scale. I’m not sure what type I might make. I guess I”ll have to dig around in the craft stash to see what I can come up with. But, for now, here are a few quick, easy ideas using available materials so you can make one for yourself. I believe top hats are desired for the gentlemen.

Visit one of these cool sites for inspiration or grab whatever you have laying around the house. Either way, why not facinate yourself with a fancy hat.

Before I can settle down to witness the changing history of the British monarchy and enjoy the pomp & circumstances of the ceremony, I will set the mood. Thanks to Veronica Hurly and her Blogspot, Pixels & Paperie, for the free banner flags, crowns, and Union Jack to place around my living room. If you’d like to go a little fancier, check out Oh My Fiesta!,

Pink Paper PeoniesMegan Markle’s favorite flower is the peony, but the peony seeds mixed with the wildflower seeds I planted during my “get closer to the Earth” planting period aren’t up yet. So, I will make do with this beautiful paper vaiety from The Storybrook House for my centerpiece. Heck, I could probably save a step and use the paper peony as the focal for my facinator. When the real flowers bloom in my garden, I’ll pick a few in Megan’s honor. Let’s hope the solid week of rain we’ve just had and another week on the way, will get those seeds sprouting any day now. I’m growing impatient(s).

sparkling_white_grape_1.58pt_0Though Champagne is the wedding toast master, I’ll be drinking Welch’s White Sparkling Grape Juice, instead. For one, our family just loves the flavor, and two, it will be pretty darn early in the morning here in Harleyville when the guests start arriving at 4:30 a.m. Eastern Standard time. Prince Harry should arrive about an hour later and the bride could be making her appearance around 7, my time. I know I’m going to make it up by the time she arrives, but I don’t know about 4:30 a.m.; still shooting for the guest list arrival, though.

The only thing missing from my ‘wedding social for one’ is the food. Since I don’t have much time tonight to prep, I’ll have to keep it light and simple. Digging through my refridgerator, I discovered the fresh fruit left over from my daughter’s school lunch, plenty of eggs, the leftover cooked chicken from enchiladas last night, salad stuff and English muffins.  I’ll combine strawberries and bluberries, then add a little whipped cream for a great fruit start. Goes great with the grape juice, too.

I’ll take the chicken and make a simple chicken salad using Helman’s, Greek seasoning, stalk celery and celery seed. I have about 4 cups of chicken left, already shredded, that I’ll add enough mayo to combine, with the seasoning, one finely chopped celery rib and about 2 tsp. of seeds. The eggs will become an egg salad, giving me two English tea-type sandwiches, which also work for breakfast. I don’t have any scones or crumpets, but I will butter and cover in blackberry jam, the English muffins I do have. That actually sounds like a decent breakfast; rather regal, I might say.

It’s never too late to do something you have your heart set on. So, if I’m reading my heart patterns correctly, I’ll be up for this wedding. Though, I probably will be late, I was late for my own wedding, once. Car broke down and it rained. Did I mention it’s going to rain here tomorrow. Until the next post…



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