May the 4th be with you

Hey, Star Wars fans. It’s our day to celebrate as Star Wars Day lands on Space Day, both celebrated this year on May 4.

Space Day will be May 3, next year, while Star Wars Day will always remain on the 4th. It will be some time before they share the same day again, so gear up and get the STEM Wars started. says, “the origin of (Star Wars Day) comes from a play on the words may the force be with you, an often quoted phrase in the Star Wars movies.” Whereas, Space Day was created in 1997 to “promote the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields among young people.”

For the Star Wars Fans, try these cool ideas for an “Out-of-this-World” party. Marybeth at Baby Savers has compliled a large list of creative ideas to choose from.



Themed Drinks & Libations


Everything Else


Here are a few ways you can add STEM Activities to your fun.


Chromatography Butterfly Craft

Shadow Drawing

Foam Block/Shaving Cream Tower



Jelly Bean STEM Structures

Binary Code Necklace

Kool Aid Rock Candy Experiment


40+ STEM Activities

STEM & Straws

Catapult Stem Challenge

100 STEM Activites

DIY Smart Phone Projector

Feature Photo Credit: Eliza George. Follow her on Instagram and shop her Etsy store.

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