Mother Earth has been Good to Me

Can you imagine living on any other planet, besides Earth.


I honored Earth Day, this year, by starting my annual “Get closer to the Earth” planting period.

That was a little more than a week ago and it has been a whirlwind of seeds, sod and sun ever since. I continued planting right through Arbor Day, and now today is May Day; still more to be done. Spring is a good time to give back to our planet. I like to garden and spring is just the right season, naturally.

Though I can imagine living on other worlds, I wouldn’t want to leave the abundance of diverse life we get to witness, enjoy and be good stewards of here on our Earth. Each time I step out my door, I experience a variety of sights, sounds and scents like no other. I hope Mother Earth is here to cradle civilizations for eons to come. Realistically though, everyday is not the greatest day on Earth and it takes work to keep our  environment clean and safe. But, even on those days when it feels less than spectacular to do our part, there still remains something waiting to be discovered and explored. Some people believe in the Gaia hypothesis when it comes to a “living Earth.”  Earth certainly feels alive to me; not as a living organism, but were life lives and thrives.

I have been recycling for as long as I have been adulting, trying to reduce mine and my family’s carbon footprints. Recycling and re-purposing is simple to do and does so much for the welfare of the planet and it’s inhabitants.

hardiness zone map

Another easy way (there are hundreds of easy ways) we can be dutiful caregivers of our planet, is to plant living things where ever and as often as we can. Plants help us and the environment whether contained in a pot or directly sowed in the ground. I mean, the bounty of native or naturally adapting plants available to us is vast. Just be sure to check your hardiness grow zone so that you know the plants you choose can handle the climate where you live. The flora of each Earthly region has adapted and morphed over millennia to give us, and this planet, such diversity, it’s time to give back.

My mom and I decided to add a few new edibles to the select group of fruit-bearing plants already on our property. She got the trees; I got the berries. Two types of fig trees, a blackberry bush, a raspberry bush and a pomegranate tree will join a plethora of blueberry bushes, two pear tree varieties, grapes vines, a persimmon tree, a kumquat tree and two Meyer lemon trees. We also have pecan trees, but the squirrels seem to always get to those before we do.


My neighbor, Raymond, came by this past week and helped me with the tree planting and prepping the flower gardens for sowing seeds. There’s not much to see right now, except dirt, but in the weeks to come, it should be filled with color. I’ll keep you updated.


If you’ve got spring fever or desire to help our planet, plant a few new things in your yard. Containers are great for those with limited space. Whichever you choose, get your hands a little dirty and have fun. Until the next post.

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