420 Celebrations — Yeah or Nay?

Today’s date, for some, will bring to mind so many hilarious memes about marijuana.

And, it’s true that today is celebrated as an unofficial holiday for the budding plant and those who enjoy it.



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A little disclaimer, South Carolina is not a legalized state, sorry Harleyville. However, our state Sen. Tom Davis and Rep. Peter McCoy presented the South Carolina Compassionate Care Act this year, but time ran out before it could go before a vote. “The act — which would establish regulated access to medical marijuana for patients who qualify — gained a great deal of critical support from lawmakers this year. We will continue to build on that support, and we expect lawmakers to begin where they left off once the legislature reconvenes in January,” according to the Marijuana Policy Project.


Currently, there are 29 states that allow medical marijuana and 9 states that allow recreational use. ProCon.org is a great website to find out whether your state is one.

If you find you just have to celebrate anyway, you’ll want to party.  There are numerous festivals thrown in honor of 420, but the Sweet Water 420 Fest in Atlanta, GA, is the closest to us.

Here at Three Cats Crafts, we won’t pick a side, for now. But, since crafting is our thing, we’ll help you celebrate either way you choose, with these DIY treats and guest favors to set the party mood. (Recipes do not contain marijuana, unless you add it)


Marijuana Shooters

Tropical Painkiller

Chocolate-Covered Cookie “Dope” Bites

“Stoned”-ground Corn Chips & Quick Queso Dip

“Fried” Jalapeno Popper Wontons

“Baked” Cherry-Brownie Bites



Stylized Macrame Hemp Leaf

Perler Bead Pot Leaf

DIY Lighter Cover

Anti-Stress Fidget Balls


Featured photo credit: www.quickmeme.com/meme/3ouysh



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