Candy on the Ground

Throwing out candy to eagerly awaiting children lined on the sidewalk is as traditional as floats and bands in annual parades across the country.

The World Grits Festival in St. George, SC, on Saturday, April 14, was no exception.

As the 33rd annual parade got underway, the candy throwing did, too. Kids of all sizes scampered to and fro, as cars and floats full of people littered the pavement with sugared goodness.

“Candy came to parades in the 19th century. Throwing candy originated in New Orleans as part of the Mardi Gras in the early 1870s, when the king of the parade threw small treats from his float,” according to the Desert News. Some towns have now opted out of this tradition because of safety concerns. But, I’m so glad Grits Festival organizers have found a safe and orderly way of keeping this tradition alive. More highlights to come as the day goes on.

Featured photo: Cousins, Dorian and A’liyiana get their share of the bounty.

If you missed the good time, but still desire the sweets, try one the confections below:



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