Quick Baby News!

I think the animals at Riverbanks Zoo & Garden in Columbia, SC, know it’s spring in the Carolina’s, too. Zoo officials spread the great news today, that Ginger the Giraffe, one of the three adult females that live in the African plains enclosure, gave birth two days ago to a sweet little girl. She’s already taller than me by two  inches.

My family and I have always loved going to Riverbanks in the spring and summer. The best way we enjoyed the visit was taking along a tail-gate style lunch and eating out of the back of our vans. We have enjoyed the different food offerings the zoo has, but everyone hanging out in the parking lot was the greatest. We always went in large groups, three vans and cousins galore, when my kids were growing up. Now that everyone is grown, we don’t get to go, so much. But, this news might change that.

Although the public can’t meet the unnamed cutie, just yet, we can play a vital role in her first introduction. Next week, Riverbanks will announce a public naming opportunity. Someone with the perfect name will have the opportunity to give title to this young lady. Stay tuned to the zoo’s Facebook page for details. This new female is the third baby Ginger has had at the zoo.

According to The State newspaper, other babies are also on their way; a gorilla and two lionesses are expecting. The cats should deliver in late April and the gorilla possibly in June. I would die if it was the 18th.

We really will have to make a trip to the zoo this year; the whole family. I better start planning now. If you decide to have a baby viewing visit at the zoo, too, don’t forget to visit their site for hours and prices. Maybe, we’ll see you there. Show me your photos and I’ll show you mine.



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