“WEED” Appreciation Day

Hey, hey, now! I know what some of you are thinking, but this is South Carolina. Weed isn’t legal here.

Although, we do find certain varieties growing in our front yards. Today is Weed Appreciation Day, so says one of my very favorite websites – Days of the Year. According to them, it’s a day to cozy up to the weeds in your life.


Broadleaf Plantain – Photo credit by F.D. Richards via Flickr.

Some weeds, we tolerate (cute little dandelions), some we don’t (annoying silver dollar weed). Mostly weeds are a nuisance, but there are lots of helpful weeds, too.

Any homesteader or practical prep’er can tell you the benefits of chickweed, mullein and stinging nettle. Even some weeds are supposed to be good for your garden, like plantain. Tenth Acre Farm has a helpful list and advice you can use before you start pulling the little devils up.


I should have waited to pull the weeds in the iris garden until today. Too, late! I did have help in the yard today, though. My neighbors around the curve, Raymond and Kevyn, removed overgrown grass and weeds off our driveway, bringing it back to the original width. Kevyn came after school, but he put in his share of hard work. (Some people “can’t see the drive to back out.” You know who you are.) I don’t know if you’d call it “weed appreciation,” but I certainly APPRECIATE the hard work the men put in.

black forest cake

Photo credit by Shirleys Cakes.

So now, if you’ve done a good job identifying, getting to know and possibly “appreciating” the weeds you live with, then you can reward yourself with a huge chunk of Black Forest Cake as you celebrate the day for this German tourte. Give me the 1915 Schwarzwalk Kirsch Kuchen; I think it’s the grownup version. Maybe, I’ll surprise everyone for Easter.

“Don’t eat the dessert first,” said no reasonable person, except a parent. But, if you do, you might be too full to have “something on a stick.” Which is also being celebrated, today. We’re having pizza from CHAMPS, in town. It’s not going on a stick.


Image found on LiveScience.com

The last mention is the humble appreciation for manatees. Yes, they need our love and attention. When you get down to it, they probably have the most appreciation for weeds; sea weeds. They are the aquatic version of our land cow, so they consume more vegetation that I ever will. Just don’t put them on a stick.

Now, for those of you who might have misunderstood the variety of weed we are celebrating today, it’s understandable; marijuana is often called “weed,”  but it is a medicinal plant. Again, we aren’t legalized to sell or grow marijuana in South Carolina, but legislation is coming. So, if you’re interested, and it IS legal where you live, check this and that out.

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