Welcome to TCC



Hello Crafters, hobbyists and DIY geeks. I’m Gwen Warner and in 2016, I started Three Cats Crafts, the “Cat’s Meow of Crafting Ideas.” My hope was to share the wonderful crafting and DIY ideas I came across on the internet and my approach to making them. I sent out a welcome letter and thought I was on my way. Posted a second story and then it was over. Turns out it was a little more difficult than I had anticipated. That was two years ago and so much has changed in my life.
Harleyville, SCI moved back to “Nothing could be finer than Harleyville, South Carolina.” The move was partly because I was homesick, but also to be there for my mom, Peggy Wolfe. Life took over and the website was put on hold – until now! I put my focus back on my internet venture and working from home. This opportunity works out great for my mom and I, because I can be here with her and still make a decent living. (Not getting rich, mind you.)
So, I decided to send out a second “Welcome to Three Cats Crafts” letter to start anew. It seems so long ago since I posted my first letter and so much has changed. My goals are the same , though, and I am more determined to make TCC a site where crafters can get creative ideas and easy to follow instructions, plus any freebies I come across. I have upgraded the site to allow my friends, family and neighbors to sell their handmade goods all across the world. This was always a goal for TCC, but now it is a reality. It doesn’t feel the same as when I owned The Craft Factory, in Santee, SC, but it is a more modern time now. I must learn to roll with the flow, before I get swept up in the rush. I do miss the brick and mortar store environment, though. I got to meet so many people who enjoyed the creative process. As I begin to interview locals about their favorite hobbies and talents they’ve developed, I know I will get to meet so many new people (new Friends). My intention is to highlight their goods and spread some Southern hospitality. Along the way, I want to offer unique crafting supplies from across the web. Where ever my fingers take me.
You will notice the site go through several changes as I get accustomed to managing it, but I hope you sign up with Three Cats Crafts and grow with us. Your feedback is always welcome. I have a thick skin and welcome the positive, as well as, the negative. Just don’t be cruel, please. I do have feelings. If you would like to see a certain craft or supply, let me know. If you have a crafting question, ask, I will try to find the answer and email or post what I find out. I want to serve the crafting community and be as much help as I can. I look forward to this opportunity with you and hope you find what you need in the coming months. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you at the next post.

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