Words from a Crafter — Bubble Wrap Project

bubblewrap project

Bubble Wrap Project from Reggio Children Inspired @ http://www.tumblr.com

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Hello, fellow crafters. I want to share with you some websites that I have found helpful and full of information. Not to mention, well laid-out and easy to follow. Like many people these days, I enjoy exploring the web. I’m 49-ish (actually, looking forward to 50) and have seen my share of changes in the world. Not as much as my grandmothers experienced in their lives up until this age, but, there have been changes. They saw horse & buggy turn into ‘how fast does that thing go.’ I know the first computer I worked on was as big as a desk. You don’t see that much anymore.

I think my favorite site might be Pinterest. I doubt there aren’t too many that haven’t at least heard of it by now. It’s so addictive, but so interesting and fun and colorful with photos and websites to visit. Oh, my, my, my! I didn’t realize how much content really was on the site, until I started typing in random things to look up. You can find almost anything. For crafters, hobbyists and foodies, it’s “the-bomb-.com.” I literally could never have the time to create everything I have pinned. But, I’m still in good health, so we’ll see. Be sure to check out our “Pins of the Week” on TCC. You might find your next project there or, at least, your next pin for your own Pinterest board. Plus, you can follow Three Cats Crafts at https://www.pinterest.com/threecatscrafts/.  It isn’t as full as I want, yet, but I am working on it a little each night. “I’m getting sleepy, but this is so addictive; just one more pin.”

Another site I love really has nothing to do with crafting per say, but I still think it’s a cool site. I love the traditional holidays for celebrating and giving. But, it’s those quirky, weird and out-of-the-ordinary days of the year that make me laugh, or sometimes pause for a cause. The site is https://www.daysoftheyear.com/. You can find something every day. Today, Thursday, January 28, is Kazoo Day. Well? Yesterday was sweeter. It was Chocolate Cake Day. You’re gonna hate me, but I’m not so into chocolate. But, my best friend, Marie, makes up for my faults. Tuesday was unusual. It happened to be — “Talk Like A Grizzled Prospector Day.” Say, What? Well, ya gotta give it to um. That there is one dang mitey fine day to get tha festivities up for. “Well, hooooooo-weee. Ah reckon we’ve found ourselves some bona fide golden nuggets in this ol’ mound o’ grit,” was their opening line to describe the day. Monday was Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Now, that’s a day I can appreciate. You, too, might find the humor and interest in this site as much as I have. Check out your favorite days of the year to see what might be worth celebrating.

Here’s one more for the road. So, I love this site for the simplicity and easy to follow instructions, and the photos are vibrant and enticing. Click here to check it out, http://cookcraftlove.com/. Megan Elizabeth is the creator and I adore her work. From her writing style, her picture and her interests in food, crafts and friends, I just know she is the kind of person I would have written a human interest story about for The Holly Hill Observer. It’s worth a peek to see her food and crafts ideas and read her blog; but, you’re sure to leave with wide eyes.

Until my fingers hit the keys again, happy crafting — Gwen

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